KARRC GPS and DGPS reciever systems featuring rugged design and durability for the most extreme conditions. Ideally suited for scientific applications where positional data either in GPS or DGPS format are logged along with other aquired data directly in PC based hardware or in a KARRC DATALOG

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Above: A KARRC GPS station with high gain antenna for the aquistion of positional information along with other data can be used in conjunction with a KARRC DGPS STATION (not shown) where a single base station provides for the aquisition of positional information in differential mode. A single base station can provide DGPS for an unlimited number of (mobile) KARRC GPS stations.

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Above: A KARRC GPS backpack for field work where the GPS system is operated on its own or with other equipment. 

KARRC GPS and DGPS products are of rugged design in milled watertight aluminium containers with humidity control and intended for only the most extreme conditions.