KARRC offers two types of proton magnetometers the difference being the topology of the probe head one solenoidal and one toroidal. Both for the very accurate (1 nT resolution) measurement of scalar magnetic fields.Vector magnetometers with similar resolution are also available.

The KARRC SOLENOIDAL PROTON PRECESSION magnetometer has a light probe head and lower production cost.

PROTON1.jpg (56515 bytes)

Above: The probe head along with timing electronics are shown. The probe is a lathed/welded aluminium container carrying the solenoid and the proton containing liquid.

The KARRC TOROIDAL PROTON PRECESSION magnetometer has a slightly heavier probe head, higher production cost but has the great advantage of noise immunity for work in urban areas. The KARRC Toroidal cavity is made from high grade silica-glass for maximum durability. To optimise the SNR the proton rich fluid has been alleviated from dissolved gases. This is achieved through the KARRC Cryo-Vacuum closing technique.

toroide1.jpg (13213 bytes)

The picture above shows a Toroidal Cavity in its production container after the cryo closure